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Are You Still Using Microsoft FrontPage?
Microsoft FrontPage has been a popular program used by many for a number of  years. Many users don’t realize that
Microsoft actually quit producing any new versions and packaging FrontPage in its office versions in 2003 and it discontinued support
for the product in 2006. This means that Microsoft no longer provides any extension updates for web hosting servers.
The resulting consequence is that features such as hit counters, mail forms, guest pages and search boxes and other features can
result in errors or very simply fail to work at all. In addition to the fact that server extension updates are no longer available cPanel
is forcing an EOL (end of life) because the Apache software foundation has discontinued support for it which will open security holes due
to the lack of updates.

What Does This Mean to FrontPage Users?
As we move forward to our end of life date on November 04, 2013 for enabled FrontPage server extensions, new sites will
be able to use only the basic non-script features of FrontPage 2003. Basic text and images on a FrontPage site will still work after that,
but any features that requires FrontPage server extensions may stop working at any time unless you make changes to the special scripting that
FrontPage has enabled on your web pages.

Many hosting companies have already quit supporting FrontPage extensions or will do so in the very near future.
FrontPage 2003 FTP publishing and basic page design will remain intact but FrontPage 2002 and earlier versions FTP will fail and you
will need to consider newer methods.

What Should I Use Now?
Many new options have become available for web publishing and web design since the Microsoft FrontPage product has been discontinued.
WordPress is a popular web design platform which can be installed through your cPanel, coffee cup is a very nice HTML editor.
There is also an editor within the cPanel file manager and  RVSite Builder is another option which is offered free to Champion Consulting clients.

Since FTP for  FrontPage versions before 2002 will no be supported you can consider..
•    FileZilla FTP program  is also a good FTP program which will allow you to publish or add files from your site.

•    WebDAV Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that
facilitates collaboration between users in editing and managing documents and files.

Our support area includes several FTP options for you to explore as well.
Additionally, Microsoft addresses what you should do when your hosting server does not have FrontPage server extensions enabled.

While FrontPage offered many users an easy to use and near universally supported platform for web design and publishing,
the program has now been replaced by many other choices which are capable of creating web pages, supporting special scripting needs and FTP functions
which are much more sophisticated and more well suited to the updated server configurations which most web hosting companies now utilize.

What Can I Do If I Absolutely Still Must Use FrontPage?
If you still feel that you really must continue to use FrontPage then an alternative is available. We can offer a 10% discount off of our
VPS plans for those of you who still require the use of FrontPage and would like to have it even though Apache will no longer be updating it.
You can contact, open a live chat session or submit a ticket to our sale and billing department
if you need additional information or would like to take advantage of this particular offer.

We are here to help!
If you are still using FrontPage and you need assistance because of this change then we are here to help you.
We understand that this transistion may create issues and display problems on some users web pages and we will be able to assist you.
Please contact our technical support department and they can assist with the needs you have to make this a smooth transition.

Remember EOL is November 04, 2013 so please contact us before you have issues.

You can set up a domain name that you own to point to another domain name. This is known as "parking" a domain.

Example: You own the and domain names. You already have a web site for, but you do not want to create a new web site for at the moment. By parking on top of, all URLs for will automatically go to instead.

To park a domain:

Click on the Parked Domains button on the home page.

Enter the name of the domain that you want to park in the New Domain Name field.

Click on the Add button.
How do I transfer my domain name to your registrar (

Our registrar service is and we would be happy to help you transfer your domain. If you wish to move your domain names to a new registrar service you can do this as well.

Please be sure the admin email address registered with the domain as seen in the domain's whois information is current and working. Update it, if necessary, before starting a transfer.

The following is the procedure to transfer your domain to as registrar:

*1.* If the domain is currently locked, the administrative contact as listed in the domain's whois information needs to instruct the domain's current registrar to unlock the domain so it may be transferred to another registrar.

*2.* The administrative contact as listed in the domain's whois information should then contact us so we can initiate the transfer or you can sign-up for a free account at and initiate the transfer from the interface (click "My Domains" on the left, click "transfer", follow the instructions on screen).

*3.* An email from will be sent to the administrative contact as listed in the domains whois information to approve the transfer. This must be approved in 2-3 days of receipt.

*4.* A message from will be sent to the domain's current registrar to transfer the domain.

*5.* An email from the domain's current registrar may be sent to the administrative contact as listed in the domain's whois information to verify the transfer. This must be approved in 2-3 days of receipt.

*6.* The domain's current registrar will send control of the domain to

*7.* If you chose to have us initiate the transfer, we will place control of the domain into your Champion Access dot com account.

Here is some general information:

*What is involved in transferring a domain?*

In order to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another you need to follow the transfer procedures of the gaining registrar (the registrar that you are transferring to).

You should be required by the gaining registrar to verify the request to ensure it's legitimacy. Once the transfer request has been verified, the gaining registrar will submit the transfer request to Verisign Global Registry. Once a transfer request has been submitted to Verisign, the current registrar for the domain will receive notification of the request. The Global Registry will allow the current registrar up to 5 business days in which to approve or decline the transfer request. You may or may not receive verification material from the current registrar.

Each registrar has their own policies concerning transfers away to another registrar. It is a good idea to contact your current registrar in order to make yourself familiar with their policies and avoid potential delays. Some registrars have domain names locked against transfers. That must be removed before a request can be submitted and some may send a verification email to verify the transfer away.

*What does the term "Registrar Lock" mean?*

This is a safety feature that prevents your domain name from being transferred away from your current registrar to another registrar without your approval. If you are attempting to transfer a name away from, this lock must be removed.

*How long does it take to transfer my domain name?*

Once a transfer request has been submitted, the current registrar has up to 5 business days in which to reply to the request. If the request is not replied to by the current registrar within this 5 business days, the registry will automatically complete the transfer. If a domain is expired or expires while in the process of transferring to another registrar, the current registrar may decline the request. You will need to contact your current registrar to find out what their policy is on this.

If you have verified the domain is unlocked, the registered admin email address is current, and you wish for us (Champion Consulting) to transfer the domain name, please let us know in a support ticket or email to

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<p>Your data is a valuable resource, and its security is your number one priority. One way to secure your data is to rely on cyber-security professionals, and your <a href="" target="_blank">hosting company</a> should have the certifications to ensure that your data is in the hands trained security professionals. <a href="" target="_blank">Backup systems</a> and redundancy are also key security points to look for when shopping for a hosting company in the clouds, and cloud hosting is a secure cost saving alternative and often superior choice to relying on hardware services.</p>
<p><strong>Cloud Accessibility</strong></p>
<p>Accessibility means that no matter where you are in the world, storage and backup is only a keystroke away. If you or your associates do a lot of business travel, <a href="" target="_blank">cloud storage</a> means you don't need to carry storage media because your data is accessible from wherever you are in the world. Your data is safe from outages because storage in the cloud means your data is stored redundantly across several hardware systems at different locations, and redundancy ensures access one hundred percent of the time.</p>
<p> </p>
<p><strong>Storage Space</strong></p>
<p>With cloud storage you only use as many bytes of data storage as you need. With a physical drive you buy a set amount of space, and when that storage runs out you pay a lot of money for a new drive. <a href="" target="_blank">Cloud hosting</a> is flexible, and it is cheap. It grows with your business and your data storage requirements, and it does it without a big investment in local physical storage or even a hardware server package from a hosting company.</p>
<p> </p>
<p><strong>Low Cost</strong></p>
<p>There is a simple fee instead of the heavy outlay of cash for local physical hard drives. Physical hard drives are susceptible to damage, and a simple glass of water can destroy your precious data. Hard drives are at the mercy of fires, power surges, and user abuse. Cloud storage is not a victim of any disaster, and your data is always there at a reasonable price at no risk to you. Redundancy is included, and constant monitoring provided by your host.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Teamwork is a best practice, and with cloud computing your data is available for your team to access all the time at the same time. They can work together to provide the best possible solutions for your business needs. Work isn't duplicated, and updating is instantaneous. Attachments and email for updates are no longer necessary. Security is seamless because it's done by your cloud host's security team.</p>
<p> </p>
<p><strong>Security and the Cloud</strong></p>
<p>Security though, is a very important reason to use cloud storage. With cloud storage your data security is in the hands of professionals, and you want to make sure your choice of provider is trained and certified. These storage providers are experts in redundancy and security. Continuous auditing is done by cybersecurity experts who have the proper skill sets required to protect your data through constant training in cloud architecture, risk, management and portability.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Choosing the right <a href="" target="_blank">hosting</a> platform depends on your individual needs, and if collaboration is one of your needs, cloud hosting offers you an easy to use, safe and secure solution to clunky email and file transfer of your valuable data.</p>
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There are many reasons for the need to have a dedicated IP or additional IPs assigned to your account and we must be able to justify that need to our provider.

1. Web Hosting with SSL: Generally, an SSL certificate will be issued for a specific domain. Because of the limitations of the Apache web server, certificate files are restricted to a per IP or per system basis. Therefore, any client that would like to host an SSL encrypted domain on the server will need a unique IP address. The justification will be considered acceptable when the customer provides a copy of the CSR and corresponding CA signed CRT for each domain. Please do not include the key file. 

2. Custom Name Server Addresses: 2 IP addresses are required for running nameservers on each physical machine. Those 2 IP addresses can be used to register all nameservers that are going to be hosted on that server.

3. Applications Requiring a Unique Port: Some services that clients choose to host require that each instance of the application utilize a specific port on the server. Therefore, to run multiple instances of the service, multiple IP addresses are required. Examples of these types of services include SMTP, POP, IMAP4 and NNTP.

4. Virtual Machine Hosting: Providers of virtual machine hosting services require unique IP addresses for each virtual machine that they provide to a customer. Additionally, as a virtual machine functions much like a dedicated server, end users as well as the customer may wish to utilize the service to provide other services that are acceptable justification for additional address space. Any of the services listed above are examples of the services that a virtual machine hosting customer may host on their virtual machine hosting server. 

5. Network Equipment and IPs used for Addressing: Generally, this type of justification will only apply to colocation customers. Addresses utilized for access and administration of networking devices, such as routers, switches, PDUs, and other equipment, will fall into this category.

Where do I upload my website files?

Your account has both non-web accessible space and of course your web accessible space. Your user home directory , /home/USERNAME , contains many files used to operate your website. You can create new folders here to store data or information you do not want the world to know about or see. This is a good place to store database connection or other files that contain passwords or critical data.

To upload your "homepage" or website materials, the stuff you actually want the world to see, upload that into the "public_html" directory. You can of course create other sub directories and files there as well which will all be web accessible.

/public_html - This is where your site files will go
/public_ftp - Files for your anonymous FTP
/www - same as your public_html directory

Warning - Do not delete any pre-existing files or folders you first see in your home directory

You can edit any site you have created using RvSitebuilder by following the steps below:

- Login to your Cpanel and click 'RvSiteBuilder' to load its interface.
- Under the 'Edit and Remove Project > Edit existing site' section you will find all the existing sites created with RvSiteBuilder in the drop down list.
- Select the one you want to edit and then press the 'Edit' button next to it.
- It will take you to Step 5 'Site Content' where you can edit, add, remove pages, or you can move to any other step to make the changes you want.
- After doing all the required changes, you can move to Step 7 'Publish' to publish the updated site.
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